Saturday, July 2, 2011

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green Tea originates from China and recently it spread to the West where people normally consume Black Tea. China and Japan produces 90% of World's Green Tea. It is very popular in Asia. Many Asian drinks this regularly.

Many people already know that it is good for health. This has been backed up scientifically. There are many benefits of this tea if you consume it regularly. The tea can help to reduce the possibility of heart disease, Alzheimer and Parkinson, reduce bad cholesterol, prevent death of brain cell, lower incidence of cancers and help to lose weight. But you will only feel those benefits when you consume large amount of the tea regularly. This is around 8 cups per day for an adult. It is a huge amount for a day. That is why companies produce supplements with this tea as its main ingredient. One table of the tea extract can be equal to 8 cups of tea.

The most important component in this super tea is polyphenols and caffeine. According to numerous research polyphenols will act to strengthen body cells, and weakening intruder or cancerous cells. Polyphenols can make your body stronger and more able to fight off the diseases. Polyphenols will induce thermogenesis and stimulate fat oxidation which will help to reduce fat. Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in organisms which burns fat.

According to a research at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, researchers found that men who consume caffeine and green tea extract burned more calories than those who only given caffeine. Caffeine can stimulate the metabolism but a combination of both will stimulate more metabolisms.

Green tea will help you burn more fat. You can combine exercise and this tea to lose weight faster. Consuming it will also give you more endurance which means the ability to have more exercise and more calories burned. Drinking green tea can help increase your endurance level by up to 24%.

The typical dosage recommendations are for 125-500 mg/day. This is equivalent to 4-10 cups of brewed tea. With tablet or pills you don't need to drink 10 cups of Green Tea daily. Eating pills is more convenient.

Green Tea is an excellent herb. You can drink 6 cups daily for the rest of your life without any side effects. So you do not have to worry any bad side effect from drinking too much of it.

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