Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here’s a reason for you to enjoy the whole month of…

I’m turning 20 on March 11, 2011 and as much as I feel old, I feel really glad about the past year’s outcome. I’d like to share a little part of last year’s ups by throwing my first ever blog giveaway! All you ladies out there and all you gents who love your women, it’s time to put your social networking skills to the test. All you need is a few minutes of your time and internet access to join. No sweat!

There will be a total of 4 giveaways. Prizes will be announced all throughout the month of MARCH but I can assure you that they came from shops that I personally love (Hint: I’ve been giving out teasers!). It’s best to join early so I can religiously keep track of your entries. :)

  1. If you have a Tumblr account, follow Fashion Firewoman.
  2. Reblog this post or simply copy and paste this on your blog with all the details and photos.
  3. Like, follow or add the sponsors’ sites. Links are found HERE.
  4. E-mail me with the subject BLOG GIVEAWAY ENTRY which includes ALL of your details: eccentricleartiste(at)yahoo(dot)com
Sample entry:

Name, age, location
blog URL
Facebook URL
Multiply username
Contact details

- I’m already following you on Tumblr
- I reposted your blog giveaway (link here)
- I reblogged your blog giveaway (link here)
- I liked sponsor 1 on Facebook
- I added sponsor 1 on Multiply
- I followed sponsor 2 on Tumblr
- I added sponsor 3 on Facebook
- I’m already following sponsor 4 on Multiply
- I tweeted 5 times (twitter account here)
- I want to win because the prizes are awesome and I badly need a pair of pretty shoes (hint: of course there will be shoes! *winks*)

[Send email]

If you do as much as that, you already have 28 entries! Piece of cake. :)

Point System
1 point = 1 entry

1 point per like/add/follow of a sponsor’s site
2 points per follow of Fashion Firewoman
2 points per Tweet. *you may only tweet once a day
3 points per reblog/repost on Tumblr, your blog/website.
3 points: advertise through your sidebar (optional)
5 points: tell me why you want to win (optional)

How the winner will be drawn:
The number of entries corresponds to the number of times your name will appear in my Excel file, a list of all the people who joined. I will be choosing the winner using

  1. This birthday blog giveaway is open to everyone except family. (Sorry, mom.)
  2. By joining, you are automatically entitled to join all 4 of my birthday blog giveaways. (Originally there were 4, but I just might have to increase the number of winners. Will try to figure this out. —added on March 5th)
  3. You may only join once. Make sure to finalize your e-mail before sending. (Since sponsors are still coming in, this may be disregarded but please, maximum of 3 emails. —added on March 5th)
  4. Prizes are transferable. You may join for your family and friends, just include that in your e-mail.
  5. No cheating. I will personally check those likes and reblogs.
  6. All entries must be in before March 31, 2011
  7. Winners will be drawn and announced on April 2, 2011.
  8. You may only win once. In case a name gets drawn more than once, the winner will be asked to choose from either prizes.
  9. Winners must be able to meet up with me for their prizes.
For more information on how to snag the goodies, track this TAG and send me messages through ASK and FORMSPRING.
It’s REALLY happening. Hoping for your support on this one. Can’t wait to give away lots of love on my birthday month! Thank you. :)


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