Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 Home Remedies for Acne Scars That Work Like A Charm

Home remedies for acne scars have been in existence from the early days, and they are effective and easy on the pocket. To achieve maximum effectiveness from the use of these home treatments, prevention strategies must be employed and consistency with the treatment method should be adhered to.

These home remedies usually consist of using simple and natural ingredients. These have been in existence from the early days, and they are effective and easy on the pocket. Maximum effectiveness can be achieved from the use of these remedies by using acne prevention strategies with the treatment method.

There are numerous home remedies for acne scars available and I will go on to describe some of the easiest and most effective ones around. Either as mixed or single ingredients, we can have lemon juice scrubs; sandalwood mixed with rosewater, egg white, baking soda scrubs, olive oil, honey and lemon juice, tomato and or cucumber mixes etc. We should note that natural treatment for acne scars is most effective when it suits the skin type, so do well to confirm which of these best suits your skin type. Now to the descriptions! Be sure to cleanse the face and dab dry before applying any of these treatments.

  1. Honey: A cure for many ailments from the West to the East, it cleanses acne scars when used as a mask. Apply honey moderately on the scars, leave for about 20 minutes then wash off. This helps when done twice daily, and also it can be included in your diet.
  2. Tomato: Slice tomato across into full round shapes. Lie on your back and place over your acne scars, avoiding the eyes. The Vitamin A from the tomato juice helps to renew and refresh the skin, aiding the exfoliation of damaged skin.
  3. Olive Oil: Massaging olive oil onto the scars and washing it off after some time is a great way of getting rid of acne scars. Do it twice a day and see the result.
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