Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Acne and Diet - How to Get Clear Skin

If you suffer from acne, you know how discouraging and heartbreaking it can be. Feeling like you have no control over outbreaks and obsessing over what or what not to put on your face, and what or what not to eat, can leave you with shattered self confidence and an unhealthy self esteem.

If you are like millions of others who are prone to acne, you have also probably spent hundreds of dollars, over time, on facial products - ointments, creams, scrubs, peels - all with the promise to eliminate your problem, only to find that your acne is still there, and sometimes even worse.

A visit to the doctor may also prove to be discouraging. This is because if you open any medical book or refer to previous studies on acne, you will read about how there is no correlation between acne and diet based on outdated studies that were poorly designed, in which the results have been published throughout our medical textbooks and hence taught to our medical community. As such, many doctors base their opinions on those studies and will opt to write you a prescription to take care of the problem on the outside, without giving thought to examining the basic knowledge that the outbreak of acne has everything to do with diet and what is happening on the inside.

Other, more recent, research projects and studies that have been conducted have, in fact, shown a direct correlation between acne and diet. The China Project (the China-Cornell-Oxford-Project) is the most comprehensive study regarding the connection between diet and disease. In summary, the discoveries from this research concluded that acne and diet are indeed related, as is diet and disease in general.

Acne is very much a warning sign from the body that there is something wrong internally that needs to be addressed. Hormones are out of balance and essential vitamins and minerals that keep the body and mind in healthy condition are severely lacking.

Our bodies need food for energy to ensure the body performs at it's best. An unhealthy diet deficient in the key nutrients our bodies need, will leave it's defenses down and susceptible to illness and disease - including acne. Diet is a critical factor in acne and disease in general.

In order to begin getting acne under control and getting on the path to healthy, vibrant, clear skin, it is necessary to examine your diet and lifestyle. These two factors are inter-connected, and have a direct affect on the appearance of your skin. With careful attention to diet, avoiding foods that can cause acne to flare up, and including more nutrient dense foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, and whole grains you can begin to realize clear skin, regain control over your acne, improve your self confidence, and begin to feel better about yourself and your life.

In addition to diet, with lifestyle changes including adequate amounts of sleep, moderate exercise, appropriate supplements, and a gentle skin care regimen, it is possible for everyone to live acne free.


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